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21 June

Small Fish Market Fish market attract interest from everybody who stop by. Beyond its authentic atmosphere formed by various types of seafood, smell and voices, this is a place where you can see a part of the local daily life. This type of open markets are common for Turkish traditions and they call them “pazar”. They […]

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15 June

In this post you can find some information about minibus and nearest cities There are some routs from Bodrum Garage to the nearest cities. But you should keep in mind that buses are moving from point A to point B, you can’t leave somewhere on the road. For example, if you take to minibus (dolmuş) to […]

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10 June

Transport expenses How to cut transport expenses during the holiday? If we talk about a transport in Bodrum the answer is simple – use public transport. Namely, ride the minibus, use the ferries and walk. So you will save your nerves, not idle in endless summer traffic jams, and money, a liter of gasoline cost comes […]

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08 June

Some information about interesting places around Bodrum Places on the map: 6 – Mustafa Pasha’s Mosque (Mustafa Paşa Camisi); 10 – Kaplankaya, Old city of Salmakis (Salmakis Burcu), Salmakis sping (Salmakis Çeşmesi); 11 –  Chemlekchi (Çömlekçi Köyü), Mycenaean stone tombs; 12 – Musgeby (Müsgebi Köyü), Ortakent, Mycenaean stone tombs; 13 – Karaada Island, Thermal springs […]

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09 January

To understand culture and cuisine you should eat like a local in Bodrum. The Friday market is the place to take a lot of vitamins; there, depending on the season, you can find fresh pears, figs, persimmon and of course oranges. Around the market there is the line with Turkish snacks and local restaurants that are […]

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