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The Karia Princess Hotel Bodrum

The Karia Princess Bodrum 4*

The Karia Princess hotel just within the walking distance to the Bodrum downtown. Although with its wisely designed architecture and botanical arrangements provides to its guests a quite and calm ambience.

The name of the hotel, Karia Princess chosen in reference to Artemisia II of Caria, sister, wife, widow of king Mausolus. In his honor she built the famous Mausoleum, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

When the Karia Princess opened its doors in 1990, it was the first 5 star hotel of the region. For the hotel’s founders, the late Dr. Izzet Imre and Mrs. Safiye Imre, whose main business concern was their family-owned Mercedes Benz dealerships across Turkey. The Karia Princess becomes a personal dream inspired by the small, elegant European hotels that they saw during travels abroad.

Today, after extensive renovations carried out in 2019 and operated now by the next generation of the Imre family, the Karia Princess continues its work. In the spirit of its founders in seeking to provide our guests with unrivaled hospitality and the best service to have them return again and again with the best memories.

Wellness Services

You can find serenity and peace in Traditional Turkish Bath. There you can make a selection among Classic Turkish Bath massage, Indian Head, Local, Aromatheraphy, Reflexology or Lymph Dreiange.


Every single detail is well thought through at Karia Princess to offer you comfortable and happy holiday. Hotel offers you open air pool and tennis court.