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Kırçiçeği Bodrum Çarşı

Kırçiçeği Bodrum Çarşı

Kırçiçeği Bodrum is one of the 15 restaurants to welcome thousands of guests every year.

Kırçiçeği restaurant group born in Karacasu district of Aydın. Established in 1985 by Mr. Kemal İpbaş and Osman İpbaş, Kırçiçeği offers 15 branches and butcher shops in İzmir Göztepe. Giving happiness to people by doing the best – a way of life for restaurant family.

Since 1985, company proud to welcome thousands of our guests every day to taste Turkish cuisine. And to contribute to country’s economy and qualified employment with hundreds of employees. Restaurant aim to grow beyond the limits of the food industry in a sustainable way with products and services designed and manufactured to satisfy people’s souls and provide unique experiences.

You can find Kırçiçeği Bodrum restaurant not far from Mado cafe.