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Hotel Oda Bodrum offers a conscious and practical accommodation to travelers who love to explore something new. Particularly with its “room only” model developed with innovative ideas. The hotel thinks that people’s expectations from vacation, travel and accommodation have changed as well as changing and developing lifestyles. It created by taking into account the priorities of the new generation travelers, who regard the resort as a route, not an aim.

Oda Bodrum, which looks for good and reasonable in its choices, cares about innovations and design. Therefore provides advantageous solutions to its guests by establishing organic ties with its surroundings.
The hotel provides guests healthy orthopedic beds with free take-away coffee and drinking water. As well as use-and-drop bicycles and inviting guests to rest, renew and discover. Hotel offers different types of room – double, triple and room for four. You can book on web-site or at airbnb.


Oda Bodrum is the first stop of hotel group. It provides space for guests instead of restricting it with pluses such as location within walking distance to every point of Gümüşlük. Cooperating with other businesses in Gümüşlük, Oda Bodrum also offers its guests an advantage while guiding their guests to experience different places.