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Pal Residence Pal Horse Farm

Pal Residence Pal At Çiftliği

Pal Residence Pal Horse Farm – it is a private territory with elite residences and flats (decorated in modern design and ready for rent), horse club, zoo, outdoor pool, restaurant, cafeteria.

The horse club contains 11 horses and 4 ponies with private riding lessons service. Cost of classes:

30 minutes – 60TL;

1 hour – 120T;

1 round on a pony – 5TL;

At the small zoo you can find 24 different dogs, 1 hawk, more than 15 rabbits, 2 peacocks, more than 100 pigeons, different chickens and cocks, budgies, parrots.

Pal Residence Pal Horse Farm also organizes all kinds of events.

You can reach this place by taxi, from Center taxi station, for example.