Rigorent Rent A Car

Rigorent Car Rental


Rigorent, a new rent-a-car brand launched by Tur Assist, the leader of the assistance sector, has started a new era in rent-a-car. With points of service in many provinces, Rigorent offers a widespread network and competitive prices and car variety as well as options such as delivery of the car to the place of the customer and taking delivery of the car from the place designated by the customer. You, too, rent a car from Rigorent and enjoy the privilege of the service!

Always maintained cars for rent

Rigorent offers quality and comfort service for affordable prices and gives utmost care to the maintenance of its cars. So, the cars delivered clean with the periodic on time maintenance.

Broad Rental Car Fleet

Offering a broad range of vehicles, Rigorent also offers choice of fuel (petrol or diesel) and transmission (manual or automatic).