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Sianji Well-Being Resort

Sianji Well Being - Termal Resort & Spa 5*

Sianji Well-Being Resort – design wellness hotel which located in the Kadıkalesi-Gümüşlük location, offers physically and spiritually relaxation. Hotel Sianji Bodrum gives an opportunity to enjoy a unique holiday.

Specific concept of Sianji Well-being Resort shows itself in it’s kitchen

Sianji Well-being Resort sets all its well-being practices on healthy nutrition. Sianji kitchen serves so delicious recipes for lots of healthy nutrition type like vegan nutrition, raw food and detox. And the most popular, healthy and tasty recipes from all around the world too.

If you want to enjoy your dream vacation and get service as a La carte or buffet meal, you can visit Eiffel (Healthy Kitchen), Nunu (Buffet Meal), Elani (Mediterranean Gourmet Restaurant) and Sianj Life Cafe (Gourmet Raw Food Kitchen). In the other words you can join this tasty carnival at Sianji Well-being Resort.

A unique regeneration experience at SPA

Mind, Body and Spirit live in a dynamic harmony with each other. During the healing experience, all spiritual and bodily functions, which not only bodily, should evaluated as a whole. It is very important to have a physical, spiritual and emotional balance in your life.

Sianji Life offers you SPA therapies, clinical applications, massages and mind & spirit therapies. You can take them in group or private.

Hotel offers apps, massages, and mind & soul therapies. Sianji offers wellness programs for everyone. Welcome to the world of flexible healthy lifestyle.


Sianji Well-being Resort built an organic certificated farm for healthy way of living visitors that includes organic vegetable and fruit gardens, coops for having organic eggs.

If you want you can collect fruit and vegetables by yourself from the beautiful nature of Sianji Farm’s gardens and bring them to prepare drinks and meals. Also,all salads which made from those organic vegetables and fruits you can find at salad bar. And also those salads includes seedlings from our germination greenhouses. Hotel serves healthy way of living in the most natural type of it.