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Tag: heritage

03 April
The beginning of the April month rich for events. The most significant for Bodrum in our list: During construction works at Yokuşbaşi district, founded about 2,400 years old sarcophagus The opening of the sarcophagus was personally attended by the Minister of Culture and Tourism Metem Nuri Ersoy. The excavations conducted under the  Directorate of the [...] Read More
20 February

With Museum Pass Turkey (Museum Pass Türkiye) you can visit more than 300 museums and archaeological sites that belong to Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism for fifteen days and enjoy your trip through time.

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15 February

Küdür Peninsula at Bodrum (Yalıkavak) announced as “protected preserve area”. 4 reserve areas in Van, Antalya and Muğla registered and announced as “protected vulnerable areas”. Bodrum Mayor Ahmet Aras at the parliamentary meeting on 7 November 2019 stated that the Küdür Peninsula will declared as a “sensitive region”

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06 February

Walking route by the footsteps of Ancient Lelegs. In Pedasa lived the Lelegs during the Bronze and Iron Ages. Lelegs considered as a separate nation of the Ancient Carya, they moved here after the Trojan War. The flowering civilization of which fell for the period from 11th to 6th centuries BC.

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16 September

On the way to the centennial of its founding, the Republic of Turkey faces new challenges and forced to devote great efforts to solving problems. Until 2023 four years left, but now there is no doubt that the current government of the country and the ruling Justice and Development Party (RPS) can approach this date […]

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13 January

Information appeared in the local media based on the statement by the Minister of Culture and Tourism of Turkey. Mehmet Nuri Ersoy says that St. Peter’s Castle will open on May 18, 2019 on World Museum Day. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkey announced a date for the completion of the restoration work […]

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03 July

Bodrum of Muğla province is among the most visited tourist destinations in the world. Once a small fishing village founded on the ruins of the ancient site of Halicarnassus of Caria, Bodrum has witnessed a true renaissance in the last decades. And became the summer vacation spot of millions of tourists coming from all over […]

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02 June

Golden crown of Hecatomnus returned home – a golden crown stolen in 392 B.C. from the burial chamber of Hecatomnus return to Turkey. A golden crown stolen in 392 B.C. from the burial chamber of Hecatomnus in the Aegean town of Milas and later smuggled to Scotland. The tomb of Hecatomnus, the father of Mausolus, whose burial […]

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