Aspat Castle and Ruins of Termera

Aspat Kalesi

Ruins of Aspat Castle and City of Termera

Aspat Hill – the ancient location of Aspat Castle (Çifit Castle) it stays at little Aspat Bay between Bağla Bay and Karaincir. It was built during the era of King Mausol as watchtower.

Here reminders of ancient Termara City, one of the approximately 12 ancient settlements on Bodrum Peninsula. During the reign of King Mausolos, the citizens of Temara migrated to Halicarnassos. The bay became the shelter for brigand and pirates for a long time. The Castle built on barren rock, there are five towers and the perimeter is 700 paces. Now days the inner part completely destroyed.

Follow a narrow path and steps up the hill, to step back in time of the civilizations who inhabited this location in ancient times.  If you manage to go to the top of Aspat Hill, you’ll rewarded with splendor view.

Aspat situated approximately in 12 km from Turgutreis, 22 km from Bodrum and 55 km from Milas Bodrum Airport.