Bodrum State Hospital

Bodrum Devlet Hastanesi

Bodrum State Hospital has been fulfiling the needs of patients for more than 22 years. It offers a wide range of health care services at 3 divisions. Bodrum Devlet Hastanesi consists of main hospital, dental health center, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation.

Bodrum State hospital  provides the best medical care with the highest quality standards and fulfills expectations with the aim of sending you back home healthy, satisfied and happy. It has the highest standard of clinical skills and nursing care across a wide range of specialties. Bodrum hospital offers the finest surroundings and services for inpatient, outpatient and day case treatment because  the patients comfort helps their recovery.

International patient department (IPD) takes pride in looking after overseas patients and making them feel at home. If the patient decides to come to Bodrum for treatment, IPD will make the necessary arrangements including consultation, admission, transportation. The unit serves in three languages: English, French and Russian. German is on the pipeline but the date is not clear yet.

Although experienced medical translators available during regular hours in autumn and winters, in summers they change the schedule to match the increasing demand. For example, they worked 7/24 between May and October.

When you get there in need of a treatment, they accompany you to ease your communication. They assist you in selecting physicians and medical staff, stay with you during clinical examinations, help you to follow hospital procedures and make necessary arrangements with your insurance company back in your country.

Bodrum State Hospital has met all the criteria and requirements and become entitled to acquire Health Tourism Licence authorized by Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health.