Cinemarine Bodrum


Cinemarine – first cinema in Bodrum

First cinema founded in 1994 in Bodrum, today its opened 11 different cities in 15 different cinema complex with the latest technologies combined with quality VIP service. In 23rd year Cinemarine opened 123 saloons within the 13393 seats capacity in Istanbul, Bodrum, Edirne, Kuşadası, Balikesir, Çorlu, Ankara, Mersin, Söke, İzmit and Kayseri.

Disabled guests also welcomed to enjoy the film in front row where  seats completely removed. Cinemarine the first network in Turkey that switches the cinema with the disabled lift.

Moreover, Cinema made many film festivals, cinema days, special sessions for mothers and children and follow-up campaigns.


Cinelife starts since 2011, the first and only cinema-culture-life magazine to released consistently by a cinematic chain and distributed free. Cinemarine brings together the sector professionals, cinematographers and cinematographers who serving the cinema industry every year since 2011. And contributed to the development of the Turkish cinema industry with this unique experience. Every year the Bodrum Turkish Films Week take place with the aim of leading the promotion of Turkish films.

There are two place –  Turgutreis (D-Marin open-air) and Bodrum.

All information and timetable you can find at official cite.