Divan Pub Bodrum Marina

Divan Pub Bodrum

Divan Pub welcome guests at Bodrum Milta Marina!

Divan Pub Bodrum Marina offers delicious options at many times of the day, from breakfast to lunch, from coffee break to dinner.


Sometimes a coffee, sometimes a taste added to life with a chocolate. The witness of moments, memories, celebrations that leave a mark on life. Master of taste that started in Istanbul and knows no boundaries over the years, but has always remained from “us”. Divan has been in life for 60 years!
The adventure of Divan Patisseries started in Elmadağ Divan Istanbul Hotel.
Company creates special experiences for our customers with our special chocolates, our unique products, each of which is produced with its own recipes, and our boutique cakes, with innovative approaches, without breaking with our traditions. Divan continues to bring the excitement and passion of the first day to every place where happiness is present, with many flavors such as Rococo, boutique cakes, handmade chocolates prepared by masters, princess almond, crepe lace, leaf mint, each of which has become a Divan Classic.

Restoran open 12 month a year from 09:00 till midnight.

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