Fun Town Yahşi Park Ortakent

Funtown Yahşipark

Fun Town Yahşi Park in Ortakent – nice place to spend weekend.

In the Fun Town Park you can find such activities as:

  • Soccer Field;
  • Kids Playground – there is trampoline and toys for families with children coming to park. Some new parts will added soon (water and etc.);
  • RC Cars –  the only RC track in Bodrum located here. At the 1900 square meters you can find a RC track, practice area, control tower and RC Shop. Users can bring and drive their own cars on the track if they wish. There 2 car types – electric motor and gasoline powered. Some of the electric motor cars offers for rent and play. Gasoline Powered cars only for sale. However, you can call 0549 327 10 60 telephone number for detailed information;
  • Paintball –  2 paintball fields as Bodrum themed and war themed. Minimum 4×4 and maximum 10×10 games can played within the playgrounds. Paintball games set according to the demand of players – Flag Catching, protecting the president, individual or team war. There you can find old cars, tires or materials that shield part-taking of battle area. Ground of one of our fields is completely soil and other’s ground is half concrete and half soil. Night matches can be done in our Paintball Fields. Moreover, there is sufficient lightning. Also, there is shooting gallery next to the Paintball office. Equipment given to all players by Funtown Management;
  • Karting – one kart track founded on a land of 4 declares and 8 go-kart cars. Also, you can make multiple races or race against time on tracks;

And, of course, you can make there a Birthday party or small picnic on the grass near the Karting cafe.