Havaş Milas Bodrum Airport

Milas Bodrum Airport Shuttle (Havaş) 

Havaş Milas Bodrum Airport – the Peninsula daily airport bus service

Havaş to Bodrum Center (shuttle bus) from Milas Bodrum Airport timetable depends on flight time.

Havaş from Bodrum Center to Milas Bodrum Airport has the strict timetable. Havaş departs two hours before the flight. First at 04:00 in the morning. Last one at 22-40 in the evening.

Havaş Bodrum schedule seasonal and change according to the congestion of the airport. In winter, you need to be guided by the arrival schedule of the internal terminal, since the time of the buses delivery depends on this. Firstly passengers from the domestic terminal and then, if there any transit passengers, the bus goes to the international terminal to pick them up. The road to the Bodrum center depends of traffic and takes about 30 minutes.