Mado Cafe Marina

Mado Dondurma Cafe Pasta Tatlı

Mado Cafe – is a popular branch in Turkey. Cafe serve coffee, chocolate, sahlep, ice-cream, main dishes and pastry products. Also the cafe a great menu, you can find lunch and breakfasts.

History and Development

Mado ice-cream, earned well-deserved fame all over the world with its unique flavor, has a long history of 300 years. This is the history of the savor tradition transformation called Karsambac (snow mix) belongs to Anatolia.

Karsambac made by mixing layers of snow – preserved on hillsides and valleys via covering them with leaves and branches and fruit extracts. This mixture enriched with other ingredients such as milk, honey, and sahlep. This unique flavor obtained by mixing milk of animals, milk vetch and orchid flowers from the hillsides of Ahirdagi. All fruit flavors of Maraş Ice-cream also made through completely natural methods, with pure cherries, lemons, strawberries, oranges and other fruits.

Mado is the outcome of the transformation of traditional workshop that has been ice-cream makers for four generations. Ice-cream and other products prepared under cutting edge hygiene and quality standards and distributed under necessary conditions to stores across Turkey and abroad.