Midtown Shopping Center

Midtown Bodrum

Midtown Shopping Center – the largest one in the Bodrum

Bodrum biggest shopping and life center Midtown opened in June 2012 in Ortakent area. At more than 45 000 square meters there are a lot of stores, cinema, free parking and facilities for food & beverage.


Bodrum Midtown Shopping Center, a 92 million Euro project, is the fastest shopping project in Turkey. Having more than half a century of experience in Bodrum and prominent value-added investments in different sectors of Turkish commercial life Karakaya Group’s Center project includes all necessary facilities.
Center is the new home to 110 stores like Boyner, LC Waikiki, Mavi, Mudo City, Adventure Island and Paribu Cineverse. Brands like H&M or Starbucks opened at the mall, along with major Turkish brands:
  • Penti;
  • Pierre Cardin;
  • NetWork;
  • Yargıcı;
  • Koton;
  • L’occitane;
  • Marks&Spenser;
  • Mango end etc.

You can reach Midtown shopping mall by minibus.