Moya Brasserie Bodrum presents the magnificent tastes of appetizers, seafood, meat, pasta with wine varieties.

Moya Brasserie founded in 2019 by Hüseyin Sami Çelik. He opened his first branch in Bodrum, Muğla. In a short time after opening restaurant takes its stand in Bodrum. Delicious food and variety of drinks created an atmosphere where you can enjoy both breakfast and dinner. Moya’s aims is to present authentic flavors by using fresh and organic products of the region. Yogurt, cheese, vegetables, fruits and seafood supplied locally and served fresh.

Moya Brasserie young and dynamic team host many guests since opening. Famous Turkish pop-singer Aleyna Tilki visited it in summer also.

Another important feature of Moya Brasserie Bodrum – art space. with the Portakal Çiçeği Art colony support space change into a gallery.