Stratonikeia Ancient City (Muğla)

Stratonikeia Antik Kenti

Ancient city of Stratonikeia, the city of retired gladiators, a member of UNESCO World Heritage Tentative Lists.

Stratonikeia Ancient City, located in Eskihisar neighborhood of Yatağan, on the roadside at the 7th km of Yatağan – Milas highway. In the ancient city of Stratonikeia, the remains of nearly 3 thousand years whole have preserved with the settlement texture since ancient times. A Hellenistic parliament building and an Ottoman-era mansion stand on both sides of the stone paved road. All of the ancient buildings can reached by stone paved roads of the Ottoman and Republican eras. Apart from the ancient period temples and churches, mosques, bath buildings from the Roman and Principalities, fountains from different periods, and roads from the Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman and Republic periods, as well as village squares from the Ottoman and Republic periods were taken under protection in the ancient city. In this respect, Stratonikeia has a different settlement and urban texture.

Stratonikeia – the rare places where Archaic, Classical, Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman and the urban fabric of the Republic of Turkey can stay together. Stratonikeia, which is one of the largest marble cities in the world, with an area of 7 kilometers, arranged in the Hippodamic plan. It consists of the streets intersecting in the grid system parallel to each other during the Hellenistic Period. In addition to its monumental structures such as Gymnasium, Theater, Turkish bath, city gate and fountain belonging to the ancient period, the city, which has important examples in terms of Turkish architecture. Such as village square, Beylik period bath, Şaban Ağa Mosque, Ottoman Fountain, and agha houses, man-made monumental splendor.