Yalikavak Marina Concert Venue

Yalıkavak Marina Concert Venue

Great place for open-air events.

Marina Yalıkavak designed using a discreet fusion of Mediterranean, Ottoman and local Bodrum styles. A mix of open spaces and narrow lanes create an atmosphere of new-world luxury and old-world charm. Turkey’s the first high-capacity superyacht Marina Yalıkavak has a great event place – Yalikavak Marina Concert Venue (Yalıkavak) with more than 3.500 people capacity. Also you can visit restaurant, cafes and stores at this beautiful Palmarina.

Buy tickets for events on the website or at Biletix kiosks.

You can go by minibus or by car, paid parking. In the summer traffic jams, so it is better to come a few hours before the event.