Zai Bodrum – a new format of library and cafe. Not far from Avenue shopping center.

Movies in Zai

One of the reasons why Zai defines herself as the Next Generation Library – visual, audio and practical areas under the same roof. One of these areas, the 7th art cinema, analyzed in the pocket cinema of Zai with expert instructors.

You can follow movie reading activities on website and social media accounts.

Art in Zai

Behind every gate of Zai opens another branch of art. It is possible to encounter a music concert when you enter garden. A painting of a loved painter when you enter library. A writer’s interview when you enter your workshop or a familiar screenwriter in your pocket cinema. All the literature and art projects organized and supported in Zai are gathered under the title of Art in Zai and presented to the enthusiasts and interested parties.

Author at Zai

Authors form an unlikely part of Zai. Therefore, Zai’s aim to go beyond day by organizing author interviews and dinners to get to know them better. With these activities, they provide an environment where writers can benefit from the preparation of the book, the questions they wish to convey to the reader, their style and work arrangements. And the possibility to communicate with the author.

Zai Bodrum have a 15+ age rule.