Aspat Termera Beach Club

Aspat Tatil Köyü

Aspat Termera Beach Club – water club in a small bay.

Aspat Termera Beach is located in a small bay with the same name near Turgutreis. It is a real recreational complex on the territory of which the hotel, sports and playgrounds are located, a water station offering water sports. Here are the remains of the ancient city of Strobilos, as well as a small park.

Beach area equipped with sun loungers and umbrellas, there is a café and bar on the beach.

After sunbathing you can have a little trip to see reminders of Aspat Castle.

AntHeaven Aspat Project

Houses, towering over the sea on a hillside. Small inner harbor for private yachts and boats. Hotel and public space with cafes, boutique, spa, market and restaurants in the town square.

This bay is most preferable for windsurfing, due to the special climatic characteristics of Aspat Bay. Its coastline is about 400 meters. The sea of Aspart Bay attracts windsurfers, as well as lovers of underwater and water sports.