Bodrum Feribot

Ferryboat to Greece

Bodrum Feribot to Greece

During the summer season, Bodrum Feribot run to the greek islands:

Kos Island 

Kos is a Greek Island stuated 11 miles south of Bodrum. Ideal for a day excursions. Kos offers sandy beaches, historic sights facilities and many friendly restaurants. Sights to see include the Hippoccrates plane tree, Asklepion, Casa Romana, Castle of Knights of St. John., all open until 15.00 hrs. Banks, there are many in the town of Kos where we anchor, open until 14.00. Shops are open until 13.00 hrs so do your shopping first before the Greeks start enjoying their siesta.

Remember, you are required to have a shenzhen visa and bring your passport as you will be travelling between two countries “Greece & Turkey”. You can also use the duty–free shops on your return to Bodrum.

You can also use the services of other carriers, such as Bodrum Express Lines.