By Eskici Bodrum (Black7Bodrum)

Black 7 Bodrum by Eskici

By Eskici Bodrum renovate into Black7Bodrum, serving on Barlar Sokak, one of the characteristic streets of Bodrum, adds value with its location, history and concept.
Turkish Literature world save basement works. As well as one of Turkey’s most important literary Cevat Shakir poem, “The Board of fishermen”. Rather than cooked pizza and Italian cuisine with a wood fire in the stone oven. It is one of the rare places to meet the five senses by bringing together the unique tastes. Serving with a boutique cocktail bar concept, By Eskici Bodrum serves an international cocktails as well as the personal cocktails. Which created by describing the taste of its guests. By Eskici consists of private areas where you can enjoy reading a book or have fun and even little business meetings.
The most important feature of Eskici is his music. With a nostalgic archive from the 45s to the present day, every song that plays a musical time travel to Bodrum. When you hear it in Eskici, you will want to accompany it with the local-foreign music. And a smell that you received, a taste of your plate will rewritten as the memories of the day.