Cepservis24 Phone Service Claimed

Phone hospital, laptop service, tablet service

The “Cepservis24” provides fast and quality phone service in Bodrum and also for laptop and tablet PC directory services. 

Telephone Service with 10 years experience.

Mobile repairers work in several service units where they repair the broken and damaged mobile phones and bring them back to their original level of efficiency. As a repairer, specialist takes charge of the faulty mobile phones and analyzes the cause of defect. He opens up the cell phone and identifies the reason for defect. Examine the mobiles phones to identify the cause of trouble. Provide the customers with cost estimate and a tentative date to conclude the repair work. Open up the mobile phone and check the battery life, wirings and connections, screens and other components for efficiency. Mend the defects and replace the broken/used up parts and recheck the performance of the mobile phones.

You can find service at the new part of Midtown shopping center, 1st floor near the Nuspa center.