Chinese Inn Restaurant Midtown

Chinese Inn Restaurant

Chinese Inn is an excellent Chinese restaurant that pleases its visitors with a high level of service and quality food. Friendly and beautiful atmosphere, attentive staff, a rich selection of buffet dishes at noon, large portions and a truly Chinese atmosphere – that’s what the Chinese Inn offers to its guests. A nice addition to the visit of the restaurant can be free Turkish coffee.

If you like Chinese cuisine, then be sure to visit the Chinese Inn!

Restoran takes place at Midtown Shopping Center.

Also, Turkish cuisine, Mediterranean food and seafood is no doubt the best and famous dishes in Bodrum. There are variety of restaurants that offer all kinds of cuisine. A romantic and peaceful meal in Bodrum & Gümbet at the numerous restaurants in the company of wonderful sunset and nature.

Lined up cafes and restaurants at the Bodrum harbour, marina area, promenades of the famous resorts offer great dining opportunities.